Topics to know before start Dev works on .Net

Basics of .NET CLR. IIS. IL. CTS. Global Assembly Cache. Garbage Collector. Code Access Security. Value/Reference Types UnBoxing/Boxing .Net Version(1.0 - 4.5) Differences. OOPS Shadowing Class/Objects Interfaces Inheritance Abstract Classes. Encapsulation. Data Abstraction. Overloading/Overriding (Method/Operator). SQL Server SQL Queries/Sub Queries. Indexes/Views. Triggers. Stored Procedures. Functions. Profiler/Trace tools. Version variances (earlierĀ versions - 2012 & 2016). Normalization/De-Normalization… Continue reading Topics to know before start Dev works on .Net


Assembly Manifest

Manifest Maintains the information about the assemblies like version, name locale and an optional strong name that uniquely identifying the assembly. This manifest information is used by the CLR. The manifest also contains the security demands to verify this assembly. It also contains the names and hashes of all the files that make up the… Continue reading Assembly Manifest